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The state of Uttar Pradesh embarked upon a program of executing a number of irrigation and power projects. The convoluted field investigation and design of water resources projects necessitated the establishment of irrigation Research Institute in 1926. Very little capacity building program was undertaken by this research institute.
The need of Capacity building in the domain of Water and Land management was sprouted during seventies. The water and land management institute (WALMI) came into existence during 1984. The basic objective of the institute was to train farmers and the line agency officials of the Irrigation Department Uttar Pradesh. After proclamation of the Uttar Pradesh State Water Policy - 1998' WALMI became the hub of the training activities.

The new domain of activities of the institute is organizing foundation and refresher course for officials, officers of the irrigation department and other stakeholders, such as, farmers, water user associations, local government bodies, officials and officers of agriculture department, command area development Authorities and NGOs. Institute conducts sensitization and awareness programs for PIM activities. Specialized training on application of modern techniques, computers, remote sensing, and geographical information system are also conducted. Monitoring and evaluation of irrigation projects are also undertaken. Institute provide consultation on different aspects of land, water and agriculture management to the ministry of water resources (MoWR), Pilot projects, Action research projects, Socio economic surveys, Impact assessment, Environmental surveys, impact assessment, Environmental surveys, are also conducted. Institute organizes Seminars and workshop for knowledge dissemination.

From a modest beginning the role of the institute kept changing over time and now its role is multifaceted and specialized. The training calendar of the institute has been prepared to cater the need of water and land management stakeholders. I hope this will serve your institutes need.

Director WALMI

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